Boarding pass on your wrist

hmmh is using “wearable computing” to bring personal flight data from the iPhone app to the Pebble watch. This project makes airberlin the world’s first airline whose iPhone app can be connected to the Pebble watch. hmmh worked in close co-operation with Pebble Inc. and airberlin to take charge of the project’s technical and graphic aspects.

The iPhone app enables fast access to important flight details and background information, while the connection with the Pebble watch makes the boarding process even simpler, providing a rapid overview of departure time, gate and seat. One of the Pebble watch’s special functions is the fact that it displays the barcode for the digital boarding pass. A shake of the wrist prompts the barcode to appear on the watch’s screen. The code can then simply be held against the scanner like a Smartphone. hmmh focuses on simplicity to facilitate a quick, efficient overview of the data displayed: The black and white design shows the important flight and boarding information, laid out clearly, over an area of just 144 x 168 pixels.

“airberlin is the world’s first airline which allows iPhone users to check in via barcode using their Smartwatch. It means there is no longer any need to open boarding passes on iPhones or search in handbags for them. It is a further step taken by airberlin to simplify the boarding process through technical innovation,” explains André Rahn, Senior Vice President Marketing airberlin.

The Pebble watch was launched in 2012 with the most successful kick-starter crowdfunding project to date, and is considered a pioneer of “wearables development” in intelligent, digital accessories.