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hmmh blog extension for SAP Hybris

hmmh blog extension for SAP Hybris is the new extension developed by hmmh, taking communication within an online shop to the next level: in addition to classic instruments such as newsletters, it allows end customers to receive context-based information directly in the shop, and be efficiently supplied with relevant content. The solution combines products and blog posts – particularly in the B2C area. The blog`s features include compiling product reports, categorising blog entries, and assigning them tags. The end customer can in turn comment on these entries. The comment function with active flag enables shop operators to independently decide whether comments should be published immediately or checked beforehand by a moderator. Certain components can be placed according to customer specifications and divided into personal categories. There is also an option of subscribing to shop categories as RSS and Atom feeds. The hmmh blog extension for SAP Hybris is easy to integrate into the hybris shop and manage via the hMC, back office or CMS cockpit. The extension is a tool tailored to the needs of the end customer, bringing customers and providers together in a simple manner. For more information click here.