hmmh uses odd characters for NuBON

Clever shopping also needs to be communicated cleverly, and three entertaining ads for customer loyalty specialist NuBON show how effective this is. Some odd characters each present one of the many special features of a multi-purpose app for smart shoppers – staged, produced and created by hmmh.

The NuBON app

In order to enable all the advantages of its customer loyalty platform to be utilised, NuBON is currently offering a mobile app which facilitates couponing, digital cash payment receipts and digitalised customer cards through one single app. hmmh created the video material for the relevant online campaign, which communicates the benefits and possibilities offered by the NuBON app. This resulted in three 50-second advertisement clips which present the most important app features in a humorous way.

Björn Portillo, Managing Director of hmmh: “Our trump cards here were our experience in brands and moving images. Coupled with this was our distinct understanding of modern digital communication. And the result is clear: highly entertaining ads for a digital product.”

Showtime for three unusual clips

Based on the motto of “A dominatrix, a magician and a wrestler shop cleverly via app”, hmmh showcases the app’s features in an entertaining manner, focusing on a specific function of the NuBON app in each ad. In doing so, the ads not only make viewers curious about the product; they also encourage sharing on social media channels.

“We knew that, as an experienced digital agency, hmmh had a knack for brands and their requirements. Our project benefited from this in every respect: the product USPs hit the spot, the stories are creative and consistent, and the implementation was highly professional every step of the way. We are very satisfied,” says Simona Weber, Marketing Manager of NuBON GmbH & Co. KG.

The entertaining clips form the essence of the latest NuBON campaign, aided by a landing page and Facebook promotions. The first clip kicks off the campaign, while the others are published successively.