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hmmh youngsters at the Cannes Lions

Our two digital natives Laura Brandt, Creative Concepter, and Christoph Schroeder, Strategic Conceptioner, are reporting live from the 2014 Cannes Lions under the motto of “All Cannes, no must”.
As winners of the 2013 BVDW Challenge Award, Laura and Christoph have been invited to gain a hands-on experience of the advertising festival in Cannes.

LEAD Digital will provide brief daily news items from Laura and Christoph.

Even before the event, LEAD Digital reported on the expectations of visitors from the digital industry, using our colleagues’ statement: The advertising festival in Cannes which begins on 15 June fascinates more than just advertisers. It is also an absolute must for digital creatives. LEAD Digital has asked around among the Cannes visitors, who come from digital agencies and technology providers. All of them can benefit in terms of their everyday work from the meetings in Cannes – which include those at the legendary parties thrown by online firms such as Spotify and Microsoft:

Laura Brandt, Creative Concepter, and Christoph Schroeder, Junior Conceptioner, at hmmh report as follows: "Anyone who thinks of the Cannes Lions will automatically think of the film reel with the most creative ads and other classic measures for far-reaching brand communication. But just like the entire world of advertising has changed in recent years, the Cannes festival has also developed. The International Advertising Festival has now become the International Festival of Creativity.
Digital concepts and solutions are given awards in the Cyber and Mobile Lions categories, while digital influences are increasing also being felt in other categories. New media and online agencies are thus no longer merely the “underdogs” in Cannes; they bring new expertise to the table, and ensure an exciting exchange with classic agencies." [...]

Source: Lead Digital, 27 May 2014, by Annette Mattgey: