hmmh youngsters win the 2013 BVDW Challenge Award

“What will the Radeberger Pilsner brand communication look like in 2025?” – that was the topic of the 2013 Challenge Awards. The competition sees the Agencies professional group and the Online Media Agencies professional group at the Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft e.V. (BVDW) target creative new talent. Christoph Schroeder and Laura Brandt from hmmh multimediahaus AG took out the award as the winning team in the final of the 2013 dmexco.

And the winner is: The Radeberger “WIRDECKEL”

If the hmmh juniors have their way, Radeberger will be promoting the gastronomy of the future with a coaster whose digital functions enable new experiences of the (brand) world. “Our idea revolves around a digital interface in the form of a coaster, which enriches cultural events, facilitates meetings with friends, and makes ordering beer an interactive highlight,” explains Laura Brandt, Creative Conceptioner at hmmh. Her colleague, Christoph Schroeder, Junior Conceptioner, adds that “This gadget strikes a balance between trendsetting technologies and the traditional standards of the brand and its customers.”

The final … wow!

The two of them had unveiled their idea to the BVDW expert jury as part of a Pecha Kucha presentation on 6 September. The particular challenge? A 20-slide limit, with each slide flicking over after 20 seconds. After 400 seconds of the full creative package, hmmh’s young professionals were named amongst the three finalist teams. The opening day of the 2013 dmexco saw the final competition take place on the big stage in the Conference Hall. It was once again a question of convincing the jury, led by Marco Zingler (Agencies professional group) and Ulrich Kramer (Online Media Agencies professional group), with Christoph Schroeder and Laura Brandt ultimately emerging as the deserved victors.

“We congratulate our young creative professionals Christoph Schroeder and Laura Brandt,” says a pleased Björn Portillo, Managing Director of hmmh multimediahaus AG. “The two of them have not only taken advantage of the opportunity to think outside their own creative box, but have also taken a real leap with their great idea, thereby underlining hmmh’s competence in brand communication.” All eyes in Bremen will now be excitedly focused on Radeberg, for when the “WIRDECKEL” starts its victory lap through Germany’s dining scene.

See the whole presentation here