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New partnership with Facelift

hmmh has successfully been developing personalised Facebook apps for several years, and is now expanding its portfolio using the FanActivator™.

The FanActivator™ provides access to the world’s largest catalogue of Facebook apps – with more than 50 successful app mechanisms and therefore hundreds of possible promotions – from simple competitions to complex multi-fan promotions to combination with offline media. All FanActivator™ apps are freely editable, completely maintenance-free, scalable to many fan pages, and also compatible with mobile! FanActivator™ apps thus guarantee maximum reach for every promotion – quickly and flexibly. Facebook promotions built on this framework can be designed and implemented by hmmh in a highly efficient and effective manner.

The Cloud system is hosted in Germany, and certified under ISO-27001, meaning it complies with the highest IT security standards.

In addition to the partnership, hmmh still also holds its own Facelift licence, giving it the opportunity to use Facelift FanActivator™ apps in a promotion-based manner without investing in the entire FanActivator™ framework.

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Michael Rocker
Director New Business & Account Management
+49 421 / 6 96 50 - 0

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