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Quick, simple, blipcard: The new postcard

No matter if roadtrip across the USA, vacation on the beach or a sightseeing tour through London – everybody wants to share their holiday experiences with their loved ones back home. If you really want to favour all of your friends with holiday greetings, you will have to carry an awful lot of postcards to the post office. Not to mention the choice between several motifs which are either too cheesy or too overloaded and anyway, everything is just not personal enough. Next obstacle: post stamps. You don’t always get them along with the purchase of a postcard and also the postage can be a secret sometimes. How long the postcard will take to reach its final destination is beyond our power. Besides of all its troubles, the postcard does have a certain tradition and just belongs to traveling. And after all: Aren’t you happy to find a postcard waiting for you in your mailbox?

If there was only a possibility to print the vacation snap on a blank postcard enhance it with a personal note and send it to your loved ones back home. Without deciding upon a cheesy motive or trying to find a post office along with the annoying stamp. Spontaneously, individually, and for less. 

This was what the developers of blipcard were probably thinking when they created the free iPhone app. Intuitively, the user will be guided from a blank postcard to the individually designed holiday greetings. Motifs can be imported from one’s own photo album and also be downloaded from Facebook or Instagram. A few strainers allow to glam up the uploaded snapshot. More features such as funny stickers or different postcard grids, which can be used to compose up to 16 pictures in a great collage, are also included. Just type your greetings, sign via Swipe, add one or more addressees and eventually choose a nice stamp, which shows where the postcard comes from. This just leaves one question open: How much does such a personal postcard cost? After all we are also surprised by the price: For just 0,99€, which can be paid by paypal or credit card, your personalized postcard will be send on its way arriving at the addressee just one or two days later.

And suddenly it happened that the postcard has received new modern a meaning. While the traditional one was used to send holiday greetings from far away to your loved ones back home, the digital postcard became a spontaneous toy for the digital native. Just imagine: You are strolling around the city with your best friend having a blast. With blipcard you can directly capture these happy moments by taking funny selfies and sending them to your best friend which will make her smile again when she opens up the postbox a few days and sees your card.

Now, you might ask yourself why spending money on blipcard if I can send a snapshot via what’s app? Digital greetings are nice but to be honest: They just cannot replace the joy we feel when receiving a approachable postcard. 

To sum it up: Those who want to experience the new postcard-feeling and also enjoy spontaneous souvenir pictures and messages, those should download the blipcard app directly on their iPhone. Thank you blipcard for showing us how the postcard of today works.