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As a business enterprise, we are part of our society and have an impact on it through our actions and our mindset. We are aware of this impact. This is where we see opportunities for change and support - this is where we take responsibility.

Taking action for each other
Success is a responsibility

We understand that stable societies and economic success are mutually dependent, that our entrepreneurial development depends on good framework conditions, on stable political and social relations here with us and around the world. However, this also implies that stability arises from a healthy, successful and responsible economy. 

Social responsibility and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) are therefore a matter of course to hmmh, as can clearly be seen in various areas. With this in mind, we would like to share an insight into our activities.

Living diversity
Colorful and open-minded at heart 

To us, living diversity is not merely a goal for the distant future - achieved at some point, marked off the list. Done. It is rather a dynamic and continuous process in which ever-increasing and equitable diversity is making us ever stronger and more adaptable. A process in which we are continually identifying objectives we are yet to achieve. Openness, honesty, interest and acceptance are becoming ever more important as the factors that define our position and our activities.

We keep moving and we challenge ourselves. A working group devoted to diversity, set up with this in mind, aims to encourage motivation, criticism and self-reflection. We want to raise awareness of the positive effects of diversity within the company. Regular events on the subject are designed to ensure employees cooperate in an open, non-discriminatory and respectful manner. This is expressed in the matter-of-fact way in which intercultural and international teams spanning various ages work together, the recognition granted to different gender identities and the use of gender-appropriate language.

Making it easier for women to engage in IT roles is particularly important to us. For this reason, we work closely with bremen digitalmedia, the IT sector association that launched the Avanja project. The platform supports entrepreneurs and HR professionals with a view to promoting a healthier balance.

To underpin our self-imposed commitment to the working environment, we are a signatory to the Diversity Charter. After all, with a diverse workforce, we can meet part of our responsibility as we grow and learn. 

See what we already do!

  • Open communication across all dimensions of diversity
  • More women in IT:  Cooperation with Avanja, an initiative of bremen digitalmedia
  • Participating in Informatica Feminale
  • Sensitivity for gender-appropriate language and self-determined pronouns in our communication guidelines
  • Enhancement of international communication skills by offering  German and English courses 

See what we already do! 

  • Education and training for personal development
  • Regular reviews of employee satisfaction by means of our Colleague Satisfaction Survey
  • Promoting employee health through company fitness and sporting events
  • Structural participation of employees in our corporate development via Open Spaces
  • Full flexibility and compatibility through part-time and work-from-home models

Building the team 
A committed workforce is our foundation

For hmmh, social corporate responsibility as a business starts with its own employees. First and foremost, we have a high degree of flexibility in terms of working hours and locations. We offer part-time and work-from-home models with a view to providing the necessary flexibility for those who are (or become) members of the hmmh team, whatever their lifestyles and living circumstances. This way, we create a scope for family commitments, leisure, sport, personal education and voluntary activities – something we call the work-life balance.

hmmh also offers a whole range of direct opportunities for those in search of professional qualifications, advanced training and individual development. Promoting young talent is our top priority. All staff members can expect to receive content-based and organisational support from the hmmh academy team.

Moreover, all employees have the chance to play an active part in shaping the company, thereby establishing hmmh as OUR agency. Alongside our various working groups devoted to certain themes, our 'communities of practice' provide the structure needed for internal knowledge transfers. In addition, the Open Space format and our Workforce Survey provide annual opportunities for reflection. As well as generating valuable input, affirmation and criticism, these measures have given rise to many structural improvements and benefits.

We also place great value on occupational safety and the physical and mental health of our employees. These efforts are supported by our company doctor and our occupational safety committee. We regularly promote company fitness programmes and team sporting events to contribute to health and team spirit. We also arrange after-work events, company celebrations and other special campaigns to ensure the atmosphere is not always dominated by work.

Creating sustainability
Working towards a better climate

The working group on sustainability offers food for thought. It encourages us to handle resources connected with our day-to-day activities more responsibly while generally raising awareness of the issue of sustainability. We are always ready to listen to green ideas, which have already given rise to exciting projects like the 'take me with you' shelf, more sustainable Christmas wrapping and the '#einheitsbuddeln' (tree planting) campaign.

We actively promote climate protection through our support of public mobility. We offer subsidised JobTickets for public transport, while employees who enjoy the fresh air can take advantage of the company bicycles. We also provide electric vehicles as company cars.

We are helping to protect the environment by cutting back on business travel.  During the Coronavirus pandemic, we extended the options for digital working while making greater use of digital learning. In the process, we succeeded in transferring numerous events for colleagues and customers to digital platforms: trade fairs, webinars and various forms of training were all successfully digitised.

In our product procurement, we attach great importance to regionality and sustainability. After all, there are enough products on the doorstep of hmmh which don't need to be transported around the globe to get here. Vitamins for employees are sourced from fruit farmers in the region. To meet our sizeable thirst for coffee, we use Fairtrade coffee.

We are also cutting back on our consumption of raw materials. Alongside a minimal-paper office concept, we avoid disposable packaging wherever we can. The equipment we supply to new colleagues includes reusable drinking bottles and reusable coffee cups. When buying drinks, we consciously avoid plastic bottles.

See what we already do! 

  • Climate-compatible mobility by reducing the number of domestic flights and using company bicycles and electric company cars
  • Digital training that reduces the need to travel
  • Staff tree planting campaigns 
  • Minimal-paper offices, digitalisation of ad materials
  • Use of Fairtrade coffee and more regional products
  • Open working group to develop our sustainable activities

See what we already do! 

  • Christmas gift campaign for children and young people in partnership with Caritas
  • Social events in support of Viva con Agua, Ukraine-Hilfe and others
  • DKMS typing offers
  • More fundraising campaigns involving employees

Showing engagement
Being there to help others

To a large extent, our social commitment, assistance and donations come from our employees, who provide a good deal of this support. 

We raise funds for rapid disaster relief via private and corporate donations. We regularly donate revenue from auctions and events (such as After-Work Bingo) to sustainable Viva con Agua projects. 

And we help with more than cash donations. For some years now, we have been supporting participation in free typing tests for the DKMS. Many of our employees also donate blood. 

Instead of giving Christmas presents to our customers, we support social institutions such as Bahnhofsmission Bremen and Refugio Bremen. In recent years, we have teamed up with Caritas to make Christmas a little brighter for scores of  children and young people in need by making their wishes come true.

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