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Voice Interfaces

“It’s one of the most customer-centric things we’ve ever done.“

-Jeff Bezos


Speech is our most natural form of communication. Voice interfaces (VI), also known as voice user interfaces (VUI), are able to record human speech at a very high quality level and intelligently process it using new technologies. Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri and Cortana are voice assistants which are gaining ground in the way customers use media.

Similar to mobile apps, they can be used to manage our surroundings, request information or access specific functions and services via voice activation. Their growing prevalence is increasingly raising the question of how the voice interfaces integrate into the customer journey and shape conversational commerce of the future.

Our services

As a digital agency and driver of innovation, hmmh offers you the full range of services when it comes to voice interfaces, chatbots and voice assistants. We work with you and apply agile methods to devise relevant use cases which take into account the limits of this technology. We show you how you can offer your customers a high degree of added value and a completely new user experience. Voice interfaces are implemented based on architecture models developed by our experts and set security standards.

Voice interface consulting open collapse

We work with you to evaluate and assess voice interfaces as new speech-based touchpoints in your ecosystem. Using your strategic aims and the needs of your customers, we develop use cases which concretise the business value for you. Identifying technical and professional requirements, realistically evaluating potential, and developing pragmatic solutions are the key components of our consulting service.

  • Defining business targets, core KPIs and vision
  • Researching providers, markets, products and target groups
  • Analysing and evaluating your ecosystem
  • Evaluating the potential of voice interfaces for your customers
  • Devising custom-fit use cases

Concept & voice interface design open collapse

A holistic concept based on the principles of dialogue design is applied to create voice interfaces that people can use to intuitively interact with the device via their voice. With the right concepts, the focus is placed on user-oriented operation, with structured, optimised dialogue as the basis.

  • Dialogue processes via voice user journeys
  • Dialogue design concept
  • Reviews of existing skills and actions
  • Test-driven interface design

Voice interface development open collapse

We develop suitable solutions for existing voice interfaces, e.g. Amazon Echo or Google Home, for your products, services and applications. We also develop our own solutions for your voice assistants – from prototypes to complete solutions. We do this using specific, high-performance technology for your voice interfaces.

  • Developing initial prototypes and proofs-of-concept
  • Implementing voice interfaces and chatbots
  • System architectures and data models
  • Connecting external systems and account linking
  • Transcription, natural language processing and knowledge modelling
  • Implementing security concepts

Voice search optimisation open collapse

The use of voice assistance increases the relevance of local contexts which create real added value for users at the touchpoint. Along with increased use, this will have a great influence on search-engine marketing in future. While a simple request is made during a web search, the voice search is dialogue-oriented, and must appropriately rely on voice-optimised content in order to yield a better result for the user. We analyse your website’s existing structure, including content, and develop an approach for your successful voice search on this basis.

  • Preparing product data for skills
  • Voice search SEO check
  • Voice search optimisation of website
  • Voice search content optimisation
  • Optimising long-tail keywords
  • Skill store optimisation

Voice interface security open collapse

Voice interfaces often also rely on user-based data to facilitate personalised services for users. The OAUTH2 used by Google and Amazon guarantees secure handling of customer data, and can be linked to legacy systems in various ways. That’s why we advise you in detail, and develop specifically customised applications with complete architecture concepts and set security concepts. This ensures we are able to build new voice interfaces for you with clean data processes and fully secure software architectures.

  • Reviews of existing infrastructures
  • Security concepts for voice interface infrastructures
  • Concepts for integrating legacy systems
  • Developing data processes and software architectures
  • Security checks of the resulting infrastructure

The foundations of developing skills

Devising use cases

Existing business models or services cannot always be applied to voice interfaces in a value-adding manner. That’s why it’s important to specifically identify the services that harbour potential as suitable additions. This is the only way to ensure the entire range of services is indeed expanded in the customer’s interests.

Developing logik

Dialogue models establish what needs to be understood by the interface, when this needs to be understood, and how. The skill logic implements the reaction to what has been understood, meaning any subjective voice-interface intelligence is implemented in the skill logic. This is why answers are generated there, enriched with content, and then returned to the interface.

Modelling dialogues

Dialogues for voice interfaces need to find the optimum relationship between user guidance and natural language. Users must not feel as though they need to adapt to the interface, but they do need to be guided so that they know the options available to them at all times. Our in-depth experience helps us find this precise middle ground.

Conveying content

The primary task of a voice interface is to provide services or information. Coupled with this is account and service information retrieved via internal systems. In order to offer a holistic user experience, content needs to be prepared for voice assistants in a dialogue-oriented manner, thus distinguishing it from classic display content.

Selected Voice Interface references

Easy car rental via voice assistant

hmmh and Europcar have developed the first skill for Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Show to enable hired cars to be reserved via voice assistant. Business customers are now able to easily rent their vehicles via voice interface.

  • Prototype approach
  • Concept & interface design
  • Developing skills & back-end logic

Find out more about the project

Voice interfaces
Foundations of programming Amazon Echo Show

While voice interfaces are clearly trending, they still have their perils. We demonstrate how Echo Show seeks to solve the problem of communicating information.


Learn more

Financial service providers
Easily requesting deposit account balance from home via voice interface

By developing a prototype skill with access to the core banking systems, we have enabled customers to request their current deposit account balance at their convenience from home via voice activation.

  • Creating a prototype to request deposit account balances
  • Analysis and concept for secure architecture
  • Implementing security concepts for infrastructure
  • Developing an architecture and data model as an interface for Amazon

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