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New partnership with Contentful® for composable content

Bremen, 01.11.2023 - Nowadays, companies distribute their content via a variety of channels and platforms. Being present at different touchpoints and yet appearing and communicating consistently is crucial for successful marketing. The foundation for this is effective and cross-channel content management with centralised data storage and omnichannel playout. This is where headless content management systems come into the picture. With Contentful®, the e-commerce agency hmmh has now gained a partner in this field that redefines the term headless CMS with its 'Composable Content Platform'.

A Headless CMS of a special kind

In a headless CMS, the presentation level (front end) is separated from the content management (back end). While a conventional CMS strongly links the way in which content is created and displayed, a headless CMS enables the independent and design-neutral management of content without being tied to a specific form of presentation. The content created is presented via various channels and devices, such as websites, mobile apps, POS displays or even voice-controlled assistants. The target defines the presentation.

A major advantage of this form of content management is the centralised and consistent data storage. Editors, product managers and other roles within a company maintain topics or products in just one place. Corrections and changes have an immediate effect on all channels. This significantly reduces the maintenance effort and creates standardisation. Thanks to the combination of the Contentful Platform, Contentful Studio and the Contentful Ecosystem, companies are able to streamline their processes - and by integrating AI, repetitive tasks are automated and team productivity is increased.

Contentful's 'Composable Content Platform' offers even more. With a consistent API-first approach, maximum flexibility for developers is possible in terms of implementation and companies are free to choose the frontends, platforms and devices they want to use. In this way, data models customised to a company's requirements can be implemented. The standard omnichannel support also makes it easier to maintain international clients in different languages.

The seamless collaboration of cross-departmental teams within the company encourages faster content creation and management. Shorter process times lead to a rapid time-2-customer and at the same time to higher customer satisfaction.

Contentful as a recommended app in the SAP world

The high degree of flexibility in connecting to various systems makes Contentful an ideal interface for your content. This has been confirmed this year when SAP included the 'Composable Content Platform' as a recommended app in its SAP app store. Contentful is therefore well on the way to playing a central role in content management in the SAP world.

In this context, Contentful is offered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). This allows a reduced need for traditional software maintenance and infrastructure, as the platform is hosted in the cloud. This results in greater agility, scalability and cost efficiency.

"The future of the Web is mobile, commerce is shifting further into the digital world," comments Jannik Hainke, Agile Project Manager at hmmh, on the significance of the new partnership. "With Contentful, hmmh can build content platforms that solve content storage, structure, orchestration and delivery for our customers. In addition, composable commerce, digital asset management, localisation, personalisation and marketing automation as well as analytics can be seamlessly integrated via the Content Graph. A real enrichment of our portfolio."


About hmmh AG

hmmh is one of Germany's leading digital agencies. Around 350 experts from consulting, design, development and project management sectors work at the German locations in Bremen (headquarters), Berlin, Hamburg and Munich as well as in Switzerland, Poland and the United Arab Emirates. The e-commerce pioneer, founded in 1995, has been part of the Plan.Net Group since 2014 and, with its expertise in the field of connected commerce, completes the agency group's offering for complete consulting and implementation of digital transformations.

hmmh is driving developments in the digital economy and blurring the boundaries between online and offline. The transformation from stationary to digital sales requires complete, flexible and seamlessly networked strategies and processes. To this end, hmmh provides comprehensive advice to national and international B2B and B2C companies and designs intelligent enterprise and customised individual solutions.

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