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hmmh and students exploring potentials

hmmh and the ZeMKI Institute at the University of Bremen collaborate on research into connected commerce

C3 BarCamp: hmmh works with University of Bremen media studies students to research the current situation and the potential for digitalising the city of Bremen.

Bremen, November 17th, 2016 — Digital agency hmmh and the ZeMKI Institute at the 

University of Bremen are organising a two-day BarCamp conference at which the students on various media studies courses will meet up with experts. A spotlight will be shone on the current status of the digital transformation of the city of Bremen, with a view to identifying potential in the connected retail and connected city areas.

The boundaries between digital and bricks-and-mortar commerce are increasingly blurred. Many companies have already taken their first steps towards a digital transformation. Yet few pursue a joined-up strategy. This is why the two-day Connected Commerce Camp (C3 BarCamp) will examine the extent to which businesses offer their consumers omnipresent options to buy, exchange and find information about goods based on their own personal needs. It will also look at how digital the city of Bremen really is, compared with other student cities.

On the first day of the C3 BarCamp, the keen students will accompany Marco Höhn (Lecturer in Communication and Media Studies at the University of Bremen) and Marcus Person (Managing Director of hmmh) on a journey through Bremen. They will stop at certain businesses to examine, for example, the functionality and quality of the blend of digital and bricks-and-mortar commerce. At the end of the first day, the students will also hear intriguing presentations by innovative Bremen companies who are involved in getting the city networked. On the second day of the BarCamp, which is being held in the Weser Tower, the group will work together to see which long-term solutions can be developed for businesses, and how Bremen can be made a connected city. “We’re aiming to come up with a few projects that we can take forward with prototypes and studies”, says Marcus Person (Managing Director of hmmh).

ZeMKI – Centre for Media, Communication and Information Research

As an inter-faculty research institute, the Centre for Media, Communication and Information Research at the University of Bremen examines issues relating to changes in the media and communications at the interface with cultural and social studies on the one hand, and technology studies on the other. The research institute is committed to interdisciplinary cooperation, integrating researchers from the areas of media and communication studies, cultural studies, information management and media pedagogics. In addition to their research activities, ZeMKI members teach on the various media study courses at the University of Bremen, and are involved in public issues relating to (digital) media and communication change.

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