"Share a Beard" at Christmas time

Parents with little kids know the feeling of looking for someone to play Santa. Every year as Christmas approaches the search begins anew for the right Saint Nick, or Santa. hmmh is willing to help with the free app "Share a Beard" and will also collect donations for SOS-Kinderdorf (SOS Children's Village).

Bremen, November 20th 2016 — “I know from personal experience that looking for a Santa or Saint Nick isn't exactly easy," says Marcus Person, Managing Director at hmmh. "Well, a father could slip into the suit himself, but there's a high risk that the kids will notice how similar Santa (or Saint Nick) looks to dad. On top of that, every father has to keep coming up with excuses as to why he was gone when the presents were handed out by Santa. The other option is, you go to an agency. But this can really hit you in the wallet."

The free, nonprofit app "Share a Beard," available now for Android and iOS, is the solution. The idea is simple: If two dads have the same problem, they can get together and each play Santa for the other's family. That's why hmmh has created a platform to let families easily find nearby swap partners.

Here's how it works: Users set up a profile showing their available times, use the app to search for matching swap partners, then make contact through the app and set up a time to meet.

Moreover, "Share a Beard" has an non-profit approach: "It was important to us to make people aware of families and children that may be having a hard time, especially in the holiday season. So we're asking users after a successful 'match' to donate money to the SOS Children's Villages," Marcus Person explains. The donation is optional and users get to set whatever amount they want.

"’Share a Beard’ is a great app, combining useful with good," says Thomas Laker, Head of Brand Dialogue at SOS-Kinderdorf e.V. "We're glad that hmmh thought of SOS Children's Villages when they had this idea, and we say Thank You on behalf of all the Children's Village families!"

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