What we do

We’re particularly proud of them, they keep driving us forward, and are the best way of demonstrating what we can do – they’re our projects.

  • Digital Commerce | Shop Development | hybris

    hessnatur. More than just an eco-fashion shop.


    Thinking and acting in harmony with nature and its creatures – this was the vision and today continues to be the core idea behind hessnatur. The relaunch of hessnatur.com was designed to further develop this humanistic philosophy. Quickly and efficiently creating a green marketplace extending well beyond merely the sale of eco-fashion – all based on one of the most modern and powerful shop systems – was the challenge of this project.

  • hessnatur

    Time-to-Market: Online in record time.


    In retail trade, speed is a crucial criterion. And we were able to create hessnatur’s new online shop in just five months, from technical concept to implementation of a completely new design, optimised for desktops and tablets, as well as integration of a Smartphone alternative. The primary focus was on creating the shop based on the modular, technically expandable hybris B2C Accelerator e-commerce platform. And in record time, we produced a contemporary, future-proof, user-oriented online shop – for both hessnatur customers and the shop’s staff.

  • hessnatur

    A state-of-the-art green marketplace.


    For hessnatur customers, sustainable actions and therefore ecological products are part of life. And this extends well beyond fashion. So it was an obvious step to extend the range to include aspects such as furniture, living accessories and cosmetics. This was made possible thanks to the connection with the Tradebyte marketplace, through which partner items are sent to shops, and can be ordered and delivered centrally from here.

  • hessnatur_04.jpg

    Interfaces: Properly and securely integrated.

    A modern online shop must be able to integrate into many existing systems, communicate with them, and exchange data rapidly with the highest degree of security. This project saw us thoroughly rework the existing interfaces, and connect them to the MAC ERP MailPLus. In doing so, the efficiency of import processes was significantly improved, and real-time requests facilitated.

  • Digital Commerce | Interface Design | Magento | TYPO3

    The big stage for Fun Factory: E-commerce for sex toys.


    Sex toys can be sold secretly in the back room, or, as we did for Fun Factory, on the big stage. Having won various design awards, the aesthetically pleasing products offered by Europe’s largest manufacturer deserve it. It enables them to shine – and we give them the forum to do so.

  • Funfactory-Seiten_02.png
    Fun Factory

    The main aim: an optimum shopping experience.

    Sex toys are frequently sold on the Internet, that’s for sure. But usually on websites or in shops people want to quickly shut again. We create a real experience, a purchase, they can consciously savour and not have to hide, with 360-degree views, parallax effects, all info available at a glance, usage and maintenance instructions, and lots more information and downloads.

  • funfactory-magento-typo3_02.png
    Fun Factory

    Attractive and high-performance.

    By skilfully linking TYPO3 with Magento using a specially developed interface, it is possible to simply combine an outstanding design with perfectly functioning, secure shop elements and all the Fun Factory shop requirements.

  • Fun Factory

    Perfect on an international stage.

    Thanks to the Magento software’s multi-client capability, both the B2B shop and B2C shop can be run using one system. The system currently consists of the European B2C and the B2B shops, and is available in four languages.

  • Fun Factory

    Fun Factory. A desire for shopping.


    Design and technology perfectly complement one another at funfactory.com – creating a purchase experience quintessentially reflecting the brand.

  • Website | Brand Communication | Responsive Design

    Modernity through tradition: Gebr. Heinemann Corporate Site


    Re-establishing a traditional brand on the Internet requires creativity and brand understanding. We accepted this challenge and, under the motto of “Modernity through tradition”, created a site providing interesting information on both the company’s history and innovations.

  • gebr-heinemann_04.jpg
    Gebr. Heinemann

    Complexity displayed simply

    Gebr. Heinemann is a leading player on the international travel market with a complex corporate structure. The conceptual aim of the new corporate site was therefore to display this complexity as clearly as possible, while also creating a fluid, harmonious transition between all company areas and the career portal which similarly needed to be integrated. A minimalist flat design, coupled with Hanseatically conservative communication and modern navigation make it possible to both discover the company intuitively and conduct targeted searches.

  • Gebr. Heinemann

    Ideas implemented directly


    Ideas, modules and text/image combinations were implemented on the front-end in the pattern lab directly following the first layout and adjustment phase. This quickly gave the site an identity in all areas and details – both for us and the customer. Context, text, images and graphics were simply placed in the overall construct and were then able to be incorporated very well through a CMS system.

  • gebr-heinemann-seiten_01.png
    Gebr. Heinemann

    Innately flexible

    The overall concept of “Complexity displayed simply” is impressively underlined by the responsive design. Flexible elements adapted to the page design grid and modules consisting of text and image passages enable the site to be seamlessly and clearly displayed on all end devices.

  • Wearables | Mobile App

    airberlin. Simple. Fast. Practical.


    With the new app for the Apple Watch we amend the mobile offers of airberlin. Just in time for the sales start of the Apple Watch the app is available and provides all relevant travel information as well as serving as boarding pass.

  • airberlin

    Well shaken.


    As of March 2014 the iOS app can be connected to the Pebble Watch and thereby significantly simplifies the boarding process. A simple shake of the wrist displays the barcode on the screen, enabling it to be scanned easily during boarding. It is a sophisticated and innovative solution for smartwatches.

  • airberlin

    No-frills innovation.


    The apps for the wearables provide fast access to important flight details, background information and an overview of departure time, gate and seat. Simple graphic implementation ensures things are quick and clear to read.

  • airberlin

    Better service for the passengers.


    The iOS app was further adapted to the needs of the users, towards which the new Android app is orientated. The offer fulfills the wish of many passengers and offers an even better service.

  • Campaign | Brand Experience | Film production

    A wrestler in the hardware store. Viral ads for Nubon


    When it comes to making a how-to video for a shopping app, you can produce a classic tutorial with infographics or send some off characters on a shopping trip. We chose the latter.

  • Nubon

    Answering the attention question with creativity.


    Generating maximum brand experience for a young start-up with three short infomercials and a minimal budget – this was a challenge overcome in an unusual way. The key tasks here were to understand the young brand, elicit the user benefit, and find the right form of communication.

  • Nubon

    Strong storytelling


    Bizarre content which challenges what users expect to see also arouses their interest. A concept which perfectly lends itself to short videos: Generating attention by questioning viewing expectations with a visual wake-up call amongst the masses of online videos.




    The Nubon app sees odd characters experience unexpected situations – with humour, surprises and originality, just like the brand itself.

  • Nubon

    Behind the scenes


    Odd characters need odd actors. Casting was a challenge, as we had to look in very specific areas of social life. The shoot setup was also a challenge, because the three films were all shot on the one day. Despite the small budget, a high production quality was always guaranteed.