We’re particularly proud of them, they keep driving us forward, and are the best way of demonstrating what we can do – they’re our projects.


  • B2B | Shop Development | Digitalization

    Gerry Weber B2B

    Digital transformation.


    As part of the digital transformation at Gerry Weber, the show rooms in which wholesale partners select their collections for the individual stores as well as all internal processes were digitized. This resulted in the digital grid wall and the offline shop, which hmmh developed based on SAP Hybris and Angular JS as individual enterprise solution. It is now possible to execute orders offline and let wholesale partners order their collections at digital terminals on location or from home via the browser.

  • Gerry Weber B2B

    The digital grid wall.


    The digital grid wall permits Gerry Weber wholesale partners to put together collections comfortably on 85-inch touch screens and order them. Before, the individual pieces were laid out in the show room on usual grid walls to be considered before they went to the collections of the individual retailers. Today, these collections can be put together without traveling and expending large amounts of time from the comfort of your home. The challenge was representing the analog grid wall optimally in full size and integrating the additional features into the design.

  • Gerry_Weber_Slider3_01.jpg

    Gerry Weber B2B

    Gerry Weber offline shop.

    The goal of the new offline shop for the Gerry Weber B2B area was to design a comprehensively functional shop solution that is able to complete orders even without a connection to the internet. Based on the predecessor of the pre-order shop, we were able to use all sources and create an intelligent individual solution based on customer wishes.

  • Online shop | Software development | E-commerce


    The right system.


    bonprix is an international fashion label with a reach of more than 35 million customers in 30 countries worldwide. The Hamburg-based company of the Otto Group was founded in 1986, and celebrated its 20-year online anniversary in 2017. With its web presence, bonprix is Germany’s strongest selling vertical fashion label online, and is one of the top 5 most successful online shops overall*. hmmh has teamed up with bonprix to create a personalised e-commerce platform which currently operates in sixteen countries.

    *Source: “2017 German e-commerce market” study by EHI Retail Institute / Statista

  • slider_bonprix_05.jpg


    As individual as bonprix’s customers.

    The standards applied when developing the customised online shop were just as high as those of bonprix’s customers. Using the “Fredhopper” software, we worked together to implement an extensive filtering and configuration option which makes online shopping considerably easier for customers. hmmh is fully responsible for the high-performance, customised Java platform, and specialises and improves it on a weekly basis. The focus here is on continuously developing the software architecture.

  • bonprix

    Flexibility and quality.


    Internally, bonprix works with a customised CRM system created by hmmh based on Ruby On Rails. As such, bonprix has access to extensive, user-friendly back-office applications for online marketing and webshop management.

  • Brand Communication | REPXPERT | SAP Hybris & FirstSpirit

    Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket

    Working. Learning. Informing.


    Schaeffler is unlocking a new dimension of services for workshops on the Automotive Aftermarket with its REPXPERT service brand. Along with a wide range of services, it will also feature the very latest catalogue for LuK, INA, FAG and Ruville products. Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket uses its online portal to help workshops all over the world with their daily work by providing up-to-date vehicle data and detailed technical information. hmmh has now rolled out the workshop portal for 18 country clients, thereby promoting Schaeffler REPXPERT’s international focus.

  • Schaeffler_Slider_2_01.jpg
    Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket

    Retrieving product information faster with TecDoc 3.0

    As part of the TecDoc 3.0 project, hmmh has converted the outdated TecDoc 2.0 interface to the new, cloud-based web service, which has further improved the performance of the Schaeffler REPXPERT site.
    The TecDoc web service is a product of TecAlliance, which provides standardised vehicle data capable of being retrieved in several brands’ spare parts information and product descriptions.

  • Schaeffler_Slider_3_1__01.jpg
    Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket

    Matching content and targeted marketing

    With the help of the ‘Evalanche’ email marketing software, hmmh regularly compiles targeted newsletters for various groups of Schaeffler REPXPERT users. This ensures news on events or updates are released at the right time to create a continuous brand experience.
    Content on Schaeffler REPXPERT is managed via the ‘FirstSpirit’ CMS.

  • Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket

    Hybris updates: Always up with the times


    The Schaeffler REPXPERT website was based on SAP Hybris Version 5.4. Since then, hmmh has performed three Hybris updates to keep Schaeffler REPXPERT up with the latest technical standards, and thus ensure new features are integrated. The website is currently set to SAP Hybris Version 6.2.

  • Digital Commerce | Mobile App

    Tchibo mobil

    Service is where you are.


    Tchibo combines innovation with tradition: more than 60 years ago, the company had the idea to start sending coffee in the mail. In 2004, the coffee producer started a Tchibo mobile plan. hmmh has helped Tchibo mobil implement many innovations since 2009. At the moment, the Tchibo App is being expanded with interactive features which will permit customers to resolve questions directly in the app or to have a virtual consultation.

  • tchibo_mobil6_01.jpg
    Tchibo mobil

    New Connected Features.

    The new services of the Tchibo app will allow customers to resolve almost all customer issues right from where they are. Our new virtual customer assistant can answer service questions completely automatically. The virtual assistant routes more complex issues directly to customer service, who will also call customers back if so desired. Another innovation are the individualized push messages which provide you with information about your mobile plan. For instance, it permits you to reload data with only two clicks if your internet connection has slowed down.

  • Tchibo mobil

    Flexibility around the clock.


    The app service embodies the attributes for which Tchibo mobil stands in the mobile communications market: Fair – Flexible – Personal. Customers can, for instance, change their plan every month, book international options, manage consumption, look at bills, recharge credits, and ask for quick and direct help with all problems concerning Tchibo mobil.

  • tchibo_mobil8_01.jpg
    Tchibo mobil

    Integrated Care.

    "This solution perfectly implements our goal of 'simplicity & transparency’. It is especially important to us to maintain the full personal connection with our customers. For this reason, our virtual assistant forwards you directly to a customer service specialist if it is unable to clarify your questions", explains Nick Rostalski, Head of Product Development & Operations at Tchibo mobil.

  • Digital Commerce | Shopware | Shop Development


    Properly illuminated.


    hmmh accompanies the traditional brand, which has stood for 'feel-good lighting' for more than 35 years, in its strategic re-orientation in digital commerce. Paulmann Licht distributes a complete range of 3,000 lamps and light sources through its dealer network and online shop. In December 2015, the company gave birth to the new full responsive online shop - developed on the basis of Shopware 5 Enterprise Premium.

  • Paulmann_2_2_01.jpg

    Shopping experience like in a store.

    In addition to the pure sale of its products, Paulmann also focuses on brand communication and consulting: it uses tutorial clips, in-depth product descriptions, lighting planners, light assembly tips, and a live-chat tool to provide its customers a comprehensive consulting spectrum from the very first online visit. The large picture canvases paired with consistent product recommendations on also entice visitors to rummage through the site.

  • Paulmann

    Technology that connects.


    The already existing Paulmann content really comes into its own through a specially developed, flexible template tool kit and the user-friendly navigation in Shopware. The shopping environments and story-telling features of Shopware bring a lot to the table here and have contributed greatly to the new internet presence. These new shop features not only support the store during sales conversations in the store but also help mobile-affine customers at the POS through additional product information.

  • Paulmann_4_2_01.jpg

    For Customers and Dealers.

    A store locator shows customers the quickest way to the nearest store. In the B2B area, trade partners can download advertising materials and product catalogues, register for training and educational events, and generate energy labels and CE certificates for Paulmann products. As an additional pilot project, hmmh realized a search engine based on Elastic Search which not only combs through the product world of Paulmann but also lists suitable advisors and tutorials in the search result window.

  • Digital Commerce | Shop Development | hybris


    More than just an eco-fashion shop.


    Thinking and acting in harmony with nature and its creatures – this was the vision and today continues to be the core idea behind hessnatur. The relaunch of was designed to further develop this humanistic philosophy. Quickly and efficiently creating a green marketplace extending well beyond merely the sale of eco-fashion – all based on one of the most modern and powerful shop systems – was the challenge of this project.

  • hessnatur

    Time-to-Market: Online in record time.


    In retail trade, speed is a crucial criterion. And we were able to create hessnatur’s new online shop in just five months, from technical concept to implementation of a completely new design, optimised for desktops and tablets, as well as integration of a Smartphone alternative. The primary focus was on creating the shop based on the modular, technically expandable hybris B2C Accelerator e-commerce platform. And in record time, we produced a contemporary, future-proof, user-oriented online shop – for both hessnatur customers and the shop’s staff.

  • hessnatur

    A state-of-the-art green marketplace.


    For hessnatur customers, sustainable actions and therefore ecological products are part of life. And this extends well beyond fashion. So it was an obvious step to extend the range to include aspects such as furniture, living accessories and cosmetics. This was made possible thanks to the connection with the Tradebyte marketplace, through which partner items are sent to shops, and can be ordered and delivered centrally from here.

  • hessnatur_04.jpg

    Interfaces: Properly and securely integrated.

    A modern online shop must be able to integrate into many existing systems, communicate with them, and exchange data rapidly with the highest degree of security. This project saw us thoroughly rework the existing interfaces, and connect them to the MAC ERP MailPLus. In doing so, the efficiency of import processes was significantly improved, and real-time requests facilitated.

  • Website | Brand Communication | Responsive Design

    Gebrüder Heinemann

    Modernity through tradition: Corporate Site


    Re-establishing a traditional brand on the Internet requires creativity and brand understanding. We accepted this challenge and, under the motto of “Modernity through tradition”, created a site providing interesting information on both the company’s history and innovations.

  • gebr-heinemann_04.jpg
    Gebrüder Heinemann

    Complexity displayed simply.

    Gebr. Heinemann is a leading player on the international travel market with a complex corporate structure. The conceptual aim of the new corporate site was therefore to display this complexity as clearly as possible, while also creating a fluid, harmonious transition between all company areas and the career portal which similarly needed to be integrated. A minimalist flat design, coupled with Hanseatically conservative communication and modern navigation make it possible to both discover the company intuitively and conduct targeted searches.

  • Gebrüder Heinemann

    Ideas implemented directly.


    Ideas, modules and text/image combinations were implemented on the front-end in the pattern lab directly following the first layout and adjustment phase. This quickly gave the site an identity in all areas and details – both for us and the customer. Context, text, images and graphics were simply placed in the overall construct and were then able to be incorporated very well through a CMS system.

  • gebr-heinemann-seiten_01.png
    Gebrüder Heinemann

    Innately flexible.

    The overall concept of “Complexity displayed simply” is impressively underlined by the responsive design. Flexible elements adapted to the page design grid and modules consisting of text and image passages enable the site to be seamlessly and clearly displayed on all end devices.

  • Wearables | Mobile App


    Simple. Practical. Fast.


    With the app for the Apple Watch we amend the mobile offers of airberlin. Just in time for the sales start of the Apple Watch the app was available and provided all relevant travel information as well as serving as boarding pass.

  • airberlin

    Well shaken.


    Since March 2014 the iOS app could be connected to the Pebble Watch and thereby significantly simplified the boarding process. A simple shake of the wrist displays the barcode on the screen, enabling it to be scanned easily during boarding. It was the first sophisticated and innovative solution for smartwatches.

  • airberlin

    No-frills innovation.


    The apps for the wearables provided fast access to important flight details, background information and an overview of departure time, gate and seat. Simple graphic implementation ensured things are quick and clear to read.

  • airberlin

    Better service for the passengers.


    The iOS app was further adapted to the needs of the users, towards which the Android app is orientated. The offer fulfills the wish of many passengers and offers an even better service.

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