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Bespoke Software Solutions for Your Challenges

We create bespoke, customer-centric solutions tailored to represent your company's processes exactly as you need them. For over 20 years, we have been successfully implementing customised B2B and B2C solutions. To us, CRM is not just a traditional sales tool or an email marketing instrument – it means: 

We discover and develop a tailored solution for you that efficiently manages all your customer management processes in a way that aligns with your objectives.

This can range from simple customer, order, and contract management to a support solution that handles complex representations of business processes, billing, and in-life management. Our primary focus is on reducing the costs of your processes through automation, consolidation, and digitalisation. We particularly target areas where increased costs arise, such as numerous manual processes, lack of automation, excessive customer inquiries, or cumbersome system environments. Consequently, our solutions achieve cost reductions in the respective processes for our clients by an average of up to 30-50%.

Can you answer any of the following questions with a Yes?

  • Are you managing multiple systems simultaneously to address customer concerns and wish for a centralised, integrated environment for your employees and customer service?
  • Do you lack an overview of current processes and activities, their status, and the status with your service providers, workshops, or partners?
  • Would you like to automate processes such as the content and thematic recognition of written or telephone customer enquiries?
  • Would you like to reduce costs in customer service or other areas through automation or digitalisation and become more efficient?
  • Are some of your data still maintained in Excel?
  • Do you lack transparency in your data, processes, and systems? Are you looking for better monitoring and graphical overviews in dashboards and reports?
  • Is your IT department too busy for additional tasks, and are you seeking an interim solution or a system to complement your existing IT infrastructure?

Technologies & Partners We Use

Once we have discussed your project requirements together, we will also make a joint decision on which technological solution is best suited for you. This could be an already enhanced Open Source solution (Apache OFBiz) or a completely bespoke development using current technologies. For years, we have worked closely with several partners in the fields of artificial intelligence, virtual and physical telephony, chatbots, lettershops, and logistics companies. This enables us to cover the entire chain from the initial correspondence, contract conclusion, and order processing to delivery, returns, and customer service.

The smart solution: Apache OFBiz

You don’t have to replace your entire IT infrastructure in order to gain a 360° view of your customers across all touchpoints. Using the highly flexible and modular Open Source CRM Apache OFBiz, we quickly and easily tailor the solution to your individual needs. You will no doubt be familiar with your IT department’s problems with having inadequate resources for your ideas and concepts – especially if you already have a CRM. The right strategy serves as the basis for optimum implementation. We work with you to assess the potential for your personalised CRM. To do this, we analyse your target groups, functions and processes, as well as all relevant interfaces. We use the latest technology, automate and optimise many processes and make them even faster using cloud readiness. Don’t miss the chance and use the free Tool Apache OfBiz, which is worldwide used successfully for more than ten years, enabling you to bridge any gaps between you and your customers.

Supported basic CRM functions


  • Appointment calender & management
  • Task & document management
  • Email, letter &SMS management
  • Notes


  • Email marketing
  • Campaigns & teasers
  • Overview of prospective customers
  • Automatic workflows


  • Quote, contract & invoice management
  • Debtor, payment & order management
  • SEPA mandate management
  • Discounts and customised prices
  • Product catalogue

Customer service

  • Central inbox
  • Task distribution across multiple service centres
  • Automatic processing & correspondence classification
  • Follow-ups


  • Personalised dashboards
  • Lead overview & Opportunity management
  • Contact management
  • Customer management


Salesforce Platform

Salesforce is a leading provider of CRM solutions for managing customer relationships. With hmmh and Salesforce, two partners have come together to share a common vision: creating captivating customer experiences from the first contact to service requests. 

For us, Connected Commerce means integrating sales, marketing, and service from the customer's perspective. Salesforce, with its cloud platform, enables this view and ensures a perfect customer experience. We provide consulting from the initial requirements to the implementation of your Salesforce solution and ongoing operation.

Ask us for further information

Our services

Our CRM experts at hmmh help launch your connected CRM, giving you a 360° view of your customers. Give your customers many more self-service options, and generate added dynamism and transparency in customer service and sales. Use big data, campaigns, marketing, and the right workflows and work with us to pool your heterogeneous systems into a central platform.

Connected Commerce open collapse

Connecting all touchpoints: With Apache OFBiz as a connected CRM, we are also able to provide your customers’ data, generated from online usage, at the POS to give you added value. To do this, we use the latest customer interactions at the customer care centre in order to offer personalised services to the customer and improve their customer experience. By showcasing customised products/services and smart customer-loyalty campaigns, you’ll increase your sales at all touch points. Use this information about your customers to create tailored customer profiles, targeted campaigns, pitches, and offers. Use automated processes to reactivate migrating customers, and promptly identify potentials and risks.

Connected Marketing open collapse

We personalise and network your pitches: Using a customised but streamlined solution, we record and link the customer data generated from all your touchpoints and existing systems. This does not require you to replace these systems; we instead pool your system landscape with our system to form a standardised solution. Whether it be for customer service, the shop, sales, your website or even for mobile applications, we create a central database, and cleverly pool the processes into the individual system for you. By skilfully displaying all customer data collected, we develop an efficient connected marketing concept tailored to your needs, enabling you to adjust marketing campaigns in a personalised manner aimed at your target group.

Connected Customer Care open collapse

Offer your customers the best possible service: Connected customer care is the buzzword for optimum, comprehensive service. Our connected CRM team designs an integrated platform for you, pooling the service requests from all your interfaces. This ensures your customer service consultants can keep an eye on the entire customer relationship at all times and are able to specifically cater to needs and issues. In doing so, you are able to turn simple support into an all-encompassing service which inspires and thrills your customers. They will also be inspired if they are able to use their own, personalised self-care portal to manage many things previously requiring customer service.

hmmh: Your partner for Connected CRM


We have been developing professional, personalised connected CRM solutions for all kinds of industries for more than 15 years.


We develop suitable integration and system solutions, and advise you on your entire CRM.


We develop personalised products quickly and effectively to ensure an optimum outcome with a solution tailored to your needs.

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