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Personal Experiences for Your Customers

Although everyone is talking about personalisation in e-commerce using marketing technology, companies struggle to implement practical measures. We will embark on this journey together with you and identify the goals, target groups and touchpoints relevant for your company. Building on this, we develop a unique customer experience throughout the customer journey. Essential to the successful conception and seamless implementation is the interdisciplinary collaboration among departments such as e-commerce, marketing, and sales, sharing a common customer, channel, and funnel view.


Only this way can customer interactions be turned into real experiences for your customers: from product-oriented online catalogues to experience-driven commerce - anytime, in any place and via any device. Personalisation does not have to be at the expense of efficiency. Quite the opposite – through marketing automation and customer data orchestration, we can reduce wastage within your digital marketing processes and realise significant gains in efficiency.


Marketing meets Commerce

Next Level Commerce

Traditional online shops are increasingly replaced by flexible platforms which have a marketing technology that personalises the shopping experience already integrated into their features. Here, we rely on the market-leading shop systems SAP Commerce Cloud and Shopware, which meet the demands of mid-sized companies as well as international corporations. Whether this is your first online shop, a shop migration, a marketplace integration, or an expansion into a comprehensive service portal, we provide bespoke approaches and solutions:

  • Stand-alone requirement analysis
  • Market-leading shop systems for all industries
  • Customised systems to meet your needs using industry-specific enhancements
  • Digital marketing to increase relevant traffic

Marketing Automation

Modern e-commerce platforms, campaign management systems and marketing technologies continue to grow together. With SAP Marketing Cloud, Emarsys and Evalanche, we rely on solutions for marketing automation that can be easily connected to all common shop systems. These come with already defined contact routes for a variety of applications. This way, customers can be reached automatically though defined triggers – independent from channels or end devices.

  • Real-time recommendations and adaptions
  • Cross-channel campaign management
  • Automated contact with interested parties and customers
  • Comprehensive analytics and reports

Orchestration of Customer Data

Personalisation is only possible when user and customer data are used in a sensible way. Therefore, businesses are increasingly focusing on marketing technologies like customer data platforms (e.g. SAP CDP, Tealium), which collect behavioural data during digital customer interactions, identify attributes and integrate them into customer profiles in real-time. Performance marketing measures can then target unknown visitors, convert them into customers, and their potential can be better exploited. 

  • GDPR-compliant applications
  • Customer activity in real-time
  • Self-service consent management
  • Registration as-a-service and social login

How Marketing Solutions work

Our Marketing Solutions Services

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Through targeted workshops, interviews, and document screenings, we identify both your starting situation and your aims for the future. Based on these prerequisites, we incorporate existing key processes: from new client acquisition to consulting and sales, right through to customer relationship management. We also analyse your current system landscape and evaluate your customer segmentation and processing strategies as well as your organisational set-up. Our findings are summarised for you in a gap-analysis, alongside your target vision and the next steps. 

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Based on your current situation and your initial target vision, we refine your ambitions for the future and develop an experience-driven commerce strategy for you. To do this, we perform brand, competition and target group analyses. Together with our colleagues in the Service Plan team, we outline a future customer journey, define target customer segments, and prioritise channels and communication measures. Finally, we work with you to define strategic topics and concrete measures which are then laid out in an actionable roadmap.

Architecture Design & Use Case Development open collapse

The key to implementing the strategy for experience driven commerce is the formulation of specific use cases. From the sending of newsletters with personalised product recommendations after visiting a product detail page to real-time personalisation of selected landing pages, we develop specific use cases in workshops along the entire customer journey. The technical requirements and the business impact are already documented. After jointly prioritising use cases, the technical requirements are translated into possible architecture scenarios. Evaluation dimensions, such as budget, compatibility and future viability of the individual systems determine the final architectural design.

Marketing Solutions Selection & Implementation open collapse

We are happy to support you in the evaluation and selection of relevant systems to achieve your target architecture, such as shop systems, customer data platforms or comprehensive marketing automation platforms, as well as selected marketing technologies. In preparation for the implementation, our requirements engineers collect the detailed requirements for the selected individual system. Particular attention is paid here to the connection of existing systems and data sources and the interfaces required in this regard in preparation for implementation. Against the background of the developed target architecture and use cases, compatibility with future systems and data sources is naturally also ensured. With over 160 developers working on the technical implementation, customisation, and configuration of your solution, you’re in good hands. You can benefit from our many years of experience in implementing agile projects in cross-functional teams, and we are happy to integrate your employees right from the start - for complete transparency and rapid knowledge transfer.

Digital Marketing open collapse

With digital marketing, hmmh supports you in ensuring that even more target customers take notice of your brand, products or services at all touchpoints. For this, we have an interdisciplinary digital marketing team with experts from the fields of concept, design, copywriting, campaign management and analysis. Through SEO and performance marketing measures, such as display advertising, we generate high-quality traffic for your touchpoints. Based on proven content marketing models, we plan and create a world of information, entertainment and services tailored to your target customers. For your followers on social media and your newsletter subscribers, we bring about conversation and campaigns to share your brand, products and offers. We make it possible for you to measure and scale the success and the right combination of all digital marketing measures in order to carry out continuous optimisations on the basis of detailed reports. We specifically do this on the basis of data collected from shop systems, marketing automation platforms and certain marketing technologies, in addition to using web analytics solutions such as Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Matomo and more.

Operational support & strategic guidance open collapse

We document the implementation transparently and in detail so that your teams can take on operations immediately after going live. We also offer your employees training in the implementation, test or pre-release phase. Of course, we also support you in the further development of your individual systems and accompany you through the transformation of your commerce architecture. Our programme managers (PMO) support you in the cross-functional implementation of your experience-driven commerce strategy. Based on the use cases, we orchestrate the cooperation between marketing, sales and platform managers. If you so wish, our colleagues in the Serviceplan Group can take on the management of your campaign management and look after all communication measures for you - from planning and creation to implementation, evaluation and ongoing optimisation.

Our Partners in Marketing Solutions

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Omnichannel Automation with Emarsys

With Emarsys as your omnichannel customer engagement platform, you can plan and automate your marketing activities and address your target groups in a more personalised manner through dynamic customer segmentation. Supported by an extensive catalogue of ready-made automation routes, you activate your customers across channels based on behavioural and purchase data. Emarsys' platform is topped off with its own cross-channel product recommendation engine, as well as a fully integrated and comprehensive loyalty customer retention solution. Automate your interactions and maximise your full potential with Emarsys.

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