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We combine the best of both worlds

We combine the best of online and offline in the interests of the end customer. Different contact points, such as in-store sales, online shops, apps etc., require different approaches and technical concepts in order to provide, collect and properly connect information. It is important to find the right digital support for in-store sales.

To do this, we help you select and implement digital touchpoints, present goods, identify smart payment solutions, and seamlessly integrate your digital e-commerce, PIM, social media and logistics processes. Linking all this together also means developing sophisticated interfaces if these are not already available.

Working together to create the future

But these findings would not be possible without practical experience. There instead needs to be an experimental approach involving prototype implementation or MVP tests with customers. How do augmented reality approaches, location-based services or voice control work? How can these be used for your own in-store sales? And do they even offer customers added value? We investigate these questions together using practical tests. Small workshops to test and understand all kinds of technical systems and applications, coupled with resulting scenario ideas, form the basis for the strategic process and long-term success with your personalised connected-retail concept.

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Only once we truly understand your customers’ needs and behaviour, and make this the focus of our strategic efforts, can we achieve the best outcome for you. This requires answering a number of questions: Who are your customers? Which touchpoints are your customers already using? What support do your colleagues need on the sales floor? What personalisation data is available? How does the exchanging of collected data work with your infrastructure? We don’t just ask these questions; we answer them! To do this, we involve you, your staff and of course your customers, analyse results, and provide clear recommendations for your personal strategy.

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There are countless options available for digital networking in retail. We design customised solutions which seamlessly integrate various services regardless of provider. Location-based services, payment solutions, virtual reality, digital signage, voice and multiple interface services, sales support, and provision of data to OoH or beacon installations are only useful if your customers actually accept them, which is why we work agilely and with prototypes. No touchpoint is rolled out untested.

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What is the distant future today becomes a widespread standard tomorrow. We see digital change as a process and are prepared for it. hmmh solutions can be expanded and scaled. That’s the only way we can constantly assess which trends serve as optimum additions for your customers. You will be permanently accompanied by a set team of hmmh experts. Together, we can create tomorrow’s buyer experience today, and offer a truly seamless customer journey.

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Intelligent data analysis enables retailers to finally eliminate a critical disadvantage: in the past retailers did not know a great deal about their customers. They didn’t know what customers were interested in before, during or after visiting the outlet, nor whether they had compared competitors’ prices while in-store. By comprehensively collecting and recording customer behavioural patterns, preferences and needs in-store and in the online shop, this information can be usefully pooled into a personal profile, and returned to the customers in the form of real added value, enabling retailers to pick your customers up from where their journey last started, stopped or ended.

Connected Retail – the time is ripe!

Digital services complement classic retail and allow us to forget the spatial and time limitations associated with in-store trading. This technical development enables us to implement useful retail scenarios which make no distinction between online and offline shopping. Until now, however, there have not been any comprehensive concepts detailing how this technology and the varied information on customer preferences, which has been collected over time at the various touchpoints, are combined and used as part of an all-encompassing strategy. An overarching strategy, such as displaying services and content across various contact points not tailored to the company or customer expectations, will not work. It is thus essential to devise a vision which illustrates what actually needs to be done. It is also important to be clear on what is already technically feasible, what is not (yet) possible, and how existing variants can be adapted and used for your own company.

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