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Establish and optimize your data-driven e-commerce business with us

We support you on your way to digital success. As digital consultants, we accompany our customers both strategically and technologically in e-commerce and data-driven marketing projects. Together, we develop initial ideas into strategic concepts, oversee their realization, and support you in the long run by continuously optimizing business operations based on data-driven insights. We make it our mission to dissolve the boundaries between online and offline business models and to create unique experiences across all touchpoints of the customer journey.


Long-term success due to continuous optimization

Connected commerce projects typically involve multiple phases, from business strategy to technology / process implementation to daily operations. In order to see a project through to its realization, we make it our mission to provide the needed expertise for each phase of the project.

Our services in detail

Business Strategy

We support you in developing data-driven and sustainable digitalization strategies to reach your goals and to promote long-lasting relationships with your customers. From market research, competitor analyses and interviews we derive customized strategies for your target groups and their respective customer journeys.

  • Commerce Strategy & Business Modelling
  • Loyalty Concept
  • Data Driven Marketing Strategy
  • Customer Service Consulting

Tech Strategy

We strive to lift your business to the next maturity level in the areas marketing, data and e-commerce by developing and im plementing customized and future-proof strategies centered on (customer) data and corresponding technologies. It is most important to us to supply you with long-lasting, sustainable solutions regarding your systems architecture and use cases, which are put to the test in thorough evaluation processes.


  • Commerce- & MarTech-Architectures
  • Use Case Design
  • Customer Data Management Strategy
  • System Partner Evaluation & Selection

Roll-Out & Enablement

In order to guarantee that the full potential of your systems and processes be utilized, we offer an all-encompassing project management and change management. In addition, we offer to boost the competences of your employees in trainings. The roll-out of your technologies will be accompanied in all adhering markets from the initial implementation all the way to daily business operations.


  • Agile Process Implementation​
  • Project Management Office​
  • Change Management​

Analytics & Optimization

We empower your business by fostering a data-driven understanding of your target groups, which you will then be able to address in a personalized and efficient manner. Bringing a team of consultants, technical engineers and analysts to the table, we will enable you to generate data-based insights, make informed decisions, and continuously test and optimize the way you approach and handle your customers.


  • Web Analytics & Tracking
  • Conversion Rate Optimization​
  • Business Intelligence Reportings & Dashboards
  • Advanced Analytics & ​Data Science​

Your Partner for Digital Consulting

Customer Centricity

Successful projects revolve around your customers whose needs and expectations we analyse and factor into the project approach.

Data Driven Mindset

Automated information and data management pave the way for continuous optimization based on data-driven insights.

Tech Expertise

Leverage the potential of various technologies by tailoring them to your purpose.

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